EuCAPT Astroneutrino Theory Workshop

Meeting room (IEAP CTU in Prague)

Meeting room

IEAP CTU in Prague

Husova 240/5 110 00 Prague 1 Czech Republic
Adam Smetana (IEAP CTU in Prague)

The priority of organizers is to hold the event in-person. This might not be possible within the first half of 2021. In such case, the organizer prefers to postpone the event rather than holding the event fully online.
In-person participation will be allowed upon presentation of a negative PCR test dated on the day of arrival to Prague.
On April 1, 2021, the organizers will take final decision whether the workshop will happen as planned or whether it will be postponed.

The European Consortium for Astroparticle Theory (EuCAPT) seeks to bring together the European community of theoretical astroparticle physicists and cosmologists.

The scientific agenda of the Workshop is focused on the role of neutrinos in astroparticle phenomena:

  • Aspects of Cosmic Neutrino Background
  • Electromagnetic properties of neutrinos
  • Neutrinos in celestial dynamics
  • Neutrinos in cosmic rays

The goal of the Workshop is to bring together experts of the selected areas, from whom the participants (experts and students) can learn. Secondly the workshop hopes to build up a creative environment supporting the formation of  new ideas and collaborations. 

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