21-25 June 2021
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Europe/Prague timezone
Proceedings of the ANIMMA 2021 conference are now available online in open access: https://www.epj-conferences.org/animma-2021

Posters list

01 Fundamental Physics


#01-146 Measurement of 93Nb(n,2n)92mNb reaction cross-section at different neutron energies for reactor application SINGH, Nand Lal
#01-211 Production and Monitoring of Neutron Flux by Activation Detectors HOLOMB, Robert
#01-215 Experiments with fast neutrons at nELBE BEYER, Roland
#01-248 Development of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter Readout Electronics for the HL-LHC AMBLER, Alessandro


02 Space Sciences and Technology


#02-73 A test-bench for characterizing SDD-scintillator coupled detectors within the context of HERMES TP/SP nanosatellite mission. DILILLO, Giuseppe


03 Fusion Diagnostics and Technology


#03-110 Development of a real-time signal processing unit for diamond detectors of ITER Vertical Neutron Camera ZHURAVLEV, Michael
#03-139 Design of Real-Time Electronics System for Two-Dimensional Hard X-Ray Diagnostics with Intensity Imaging and Energy Spectrum in EAST CAO, Hongrui
#03-162 Data acquisition system prototype of the ITER diagnostic Divertor Neutron Flux Monitor testing at research nuclear facilities MARTAZOV, Evgeny


04 Research Reactors and Particle Accelerators


#04-8 Investigation of pulsed fields generated by pulsed ionizing radiation generating equipment, testing of radiation measuring detectors, detection systems and simulations supporting testing BODOR , Károly
#04-13 Experimental study of ISHTAR thermostatic irradiation device for the MARIA research reactor LIPKA, Maciej 
#04-18 C/O logging by using the associated alpha particle method: Proof of principle BATUR, Josip
#04-21 Characterization of the X-ray spectrum of a linear electron accelerator MAULIN, Maëva
#04-25 Characterization of neutron emission during pulse mode of low output electronic neutron generator BILY, Tomas
#04-29 Development of an LVDT Conditioning unit for use on LVDTs in a research reactor VAN NIEUWENHOVE, Rudi 
#04-61 PISTIL, a reactivity modulation device to probe the transfer function of the research nuclear reactor CROCUS JIANG, Yifeng
#04-63 CAREDAS: a Comprehensive Architecture for a Redondant and Evolutive Data Acquisition System for JHR reactor and measuring bench for CEA Cadarache facilities LEROUX, Fabrice
#04-123 Characterization of calorimeter responses under laboratory conditions thanks to an optimized transient thermal test bench REBAUD, Jérémy
#04-136 Reactor pulse operation for nuclear instrumentation detector testing – preparation of a dedicated experimental campaign at the JSI TRIGA reactor RADULOVIĆ, Vladimir 
#04-160 Online optical refractive index measurement in research reactor core FOURNEAU, Gary 
#04-192 Measuring gamma doses over the mGy-MGy range with a single type of TLD detector GRUEL, Adrien
#04-194 Diamond detectors for neutron flux measurement during transient neutron flux changes NOVAK, Ondrej
#04-276 Characterization of the external pulsed beam at CMAM VIÑALS, Sílvia


05 Nuclear Power Reactors Monitoring and Control


#05-157 Radiation Hardness Test of a Silicon Detector under Radiation Dose Rate of Nuclear Power Plant for In-Containment Coolant Leakage Detection System KIM, Jongheon
#05-197 Position evaluation of ex-core neutron flux measurement in new type graphite reactors VILÍMOVÁ, Eva
#05-260 EPR In-core Instrumentation Fabrication and Operation WEIDENAUER, Patrick


06 Severe Accident Monitoring


#06-66 The VINON-LOCA test facility: exploring the LOCA phenomenology through an out-of-pile thermal sequence on irradiated pressurized fuel rod BIARD, Bruno
#06-172 Long-term transmission characteristics of CYTOP fiber exposed by gamma radiation CHAPALO, Ivan


07 Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Safeguards and Homeland Security


#07-6 Monte Carlo calculations of the fluid and tubing effects on the gamma count rate of the NGRS probe MARCHAIS, Thomas
#07-40 Contamination Tests of New Silicone-Based Detectors for Beta-Alpha Radiation in Water SARTORI, Paolo 
#07-42 Peak Area Consistency Evaluation in Gamma Spectrometry PERSSON, Henrik
#07-70 New Neutron Signal Acquisition and Processing Platform for Nuclear Safeguards MORICHI, Massimo 
#07-76 ENTRANCE project on EfficieNT Risk-bAsed iNspection of freight Crossing bordErs SANNIE, Guillaume
#07-103 Performance assessment of amplification and discrimination electronic devices for active neutron measurements ELEON, Cyrille
#07-107 Toward UO2 micro/macro machining: A Laser processing approach DOUALLE, Thomas
#07-108 UO2 thermal diffusivity measurement with laser techniques DOUALLE, Thomas
#07-112 A computational methodology for estimating the detector pulse-height spectrum in gamma-ray spectrometry of irradiated nuclear fuel SENIS, Lorenzo
#07-113 The natIn(n, γ)116mIn reaction cross-sections - An important neutron monitor reaction PARASHARI, Siddharth
#07-151 Tests of various scintillator detectors in selected monoenergetic neutron beams MATEJ, Zdenek
#07-178 URANIA-V: An innovative solution for neutron detection in homeland security applications FARINELLI Riccardo
#07-181 Timepix3 detector network for nuclear waste monitoring BISKUP, Bartolomej
#07-199 Optimising Detecting Geometry for Improved Pulse Shape Discrimination Performance in Plastic Scintillation PARKER, Andrew
#07-202 A comparison of bounding approach with isotopic correction factors and Monte Carlo sampling in burnup credit method HAROKOVÁ, Pavlína
#07-212 Evaluation of the characteristics of CdZnTe-detectors for the quality of non-destructive assays of nuclear fuel using passive tomography methods MASLOV, Oleg 
#07-241 The Mini Labyrinth – A Simple Benchmark For Radiation Protection And Shielding Analysis VRBAN, Branislav
#07-252 Passive neutron multiplicity counting with PVT plastic scintillators for plutonium characterization in radioactive waste drums BOTTAU, Vincent


08 Decommissioning, Dismantling and Remote Handling


#08-11 Design of MICADO passive and active neutron measurement system for radioactive waste drums DUCASSE, Quentin
#08-56 Spid-X: A Gamma camera with spectro-identification and dosimetry embedded functions SERRANO, Paul
#08-57 Characterization via the RadHand device integrated into the REACh system for a low-cost in-situ waste characterization of nuclear waste MANGIAGALLI, Giacomo
#08-89 Efficient System for Small Waste Containers Activity Estimation VAX‬‏, ‪Eran
#08-125 Modelling the response of an in-situ CdTe detector to radionuclides in groundwater. TURKINGTON, Graeme 
#08-147 Radiation Stability of Gadolinium Zirconate: A Nuclear Waste Immobilization Matrix SINGH, NANDLAL 
#08-182 Follow-up on characterizing low-activity waste containers: a case study for Compton Suppression Systems under challenging signal-to-noise ratio MICHEL, Maugan
#08-227 Handheld Spectrometers: From CZT To NaI, an Embedded Template Analysis for Isotope Identification CORRE, Gwenolé
#08-243 An advanced blind-tube monitoring instrument to improve the characterization of subsurface radioactive plumes ELÍSIO, Soraia


09 Environmental and Medical Sciences


#09-17 Evaluation of different detector designs for nanodosimetry KEMPF, Irina 
#09-31 Active dosimetry with the ability to distinguish pulsed and non-pulsed dose rate contributions MAKAREVICH, Krystsina
#09-38 Dose rate measurements in pulsed radiation fields by means of an organic scintillator KORMOLL, Thomas 
#09-58 Performances of a very high efficiency Imaging Camera for NORM radioactivity detection ALTOMARE, Corrado 
#09-117 Progress and prospects of MACACO: a multi-layer Compton camera for range verification in hadron therapy ROSER, Jorge 
#09-121 Plutonium and Americium Inventories in Soil Cores from the English Lake District, Cumbria (UK) MADINA, Argaia
#09-210 Radionuclides contamination in soil; effect, source and spatial distribution OLAGBAJU, Peter
#09-258 A prototype of pCT scanner: first tests BRIZ MONAGO, Jose Antonio


10 Education, Training and Outreach


#10-138 A Monte Carlo Study of Radiation Resistant Materials using JA-IPU Code for IV Generation Nuclear Energy Systems NAGENDRA S. RAGHAW, Nagendra 
#10-200 Remotely controlled laboratory gamma-ray spectrometry with CdZnTe-detectors MASLOVA, Nadiia
#10-204 Radiation Sensor Based on PIN Photodiode HAYSAK, Andriy


11 Current Trends in Development of Radiation Detectors


#11-20 Design of a High Energy and High Resolution detector for X-ray computed tomography MAULIN, Maëva
#11-60 Pulse shape simulation for organic scintillation detectors using GEANT4 HOLROYD, Caroline 
#11-81 Optimal Design of Scintillator Neutron Detector OSOVIZKY, Alon
#11-85 The effect of the aging of liquid organic scintillators used for gamma-neutron separation JANDA, Jiří
#11-92 Why the standard theory of scintillation spectrometers is needed? SAMEDOV, Victor
#11-100 Measurement and simulation of the new liquid organic scintillator response to fast neutrons JÁNSKÝ, Jaroslav 
#11-105 Optimization of liquid organic scintillator composition for fast neutron spectrometry JÁNSKÝ, Jaroslav 
#11-111 Neutron-Gamma Discrimination of Stilbene Crystal, 6Li-doped Plastic and BC501A Liquid Scintillators-based Machine Learning and Signal Processing Techniques ARAHMANE, Hanan 
#11-171 Novel modular X-ray detection system based on Silicon Drift Detector CIRRINCIONE, Daniela
#11-175 Perovskite Semiconductor X-ray and Gamma Detectors BENNETT, Stephanie
#11-188 Scanning of a Germanium Double Sided Strip Detector SHARMA, Arzoo 
#11-220 Neutron Measurement Using Pulse Shape Discrimination Method with 3D-Printed Plastic Scintillator KIM, Kyungmin
#11-231 Regional variation in neutron/gamma pulse-shape discrimination in an organic scintillator COLLINS-PRICE, Patrick
#11-249 Towards the experimental validation of a small Time-Projection-Chamber for the quasi-absolute measurement of the fission cross section CHATEL, Carole