21-25 June 2021
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
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#01-146 Measurement of 93Nb(n,2n)92mNb reaction cross-section at different neutron energies for reactor application

23 Jun 2021, 16:35
AQUARIUS (Clarion Congress Hotel Prague)


Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Poster 01 Fundamental Physics 01 Fundamental Physics


SINGH, Nand Lal (M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodra,INDIA)


The natural niobium metal is well suited for atomic reactors due to its high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, low long term induced radioactivity properties. Niobium alloys such as NbTi and Nb3Sn are used as super magnets in fusion reactors due to its super conducting properties. The 93Nb(n,2n)92mNb reaction is also used as monitor reaction. Therefore accurate data of 93Nb(n,2n)92mNb reaction cross-section needed. The cross-section of 93Nb(n,2n)92mNb reaction was determined at the neutron energies of 16.99±0.53 and 20.00±0.58 MeV by using activation and off-line γ-ray spectrometric technique. The neutron beam of different energy was produced by 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction and the neutron flux was determined using the 27Al(n,α)24Na monitor reaction. The measured cross-sections are compared with the theoretically calculated values based on TALYS-1.9 code and also with the evaluated and literature data.

Primary author

SINGH, Nand Lal (M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodra,INDIA)

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