21-25 June 2021
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
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Trindex: A new 3D grain mapping technique using neutron imaging

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3rd floor (Clarion Congress Hotel Prague)

3rd floor

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

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Oral presentation 01 Fundamental Physics


Dr TUNG, Patrick (University of New South Wales)


The mechanical and functional properties of polycrystalline materials have significant contributions from the 3D interaction of grains that form their micro-structure. Such grain maps can be extracted from existing characterisation techniques that utilise X-rays or electrons. However, complimentary techniques using neutrons have not yet developed to maturity. Furthermore, neutrons provide distinct advantages where, due to their lower attenuation, larger materials can be analysed, such as real-world engineering materials.

Here, a novel 3D grain mapping methodology, known as Trindex, has been demonstrated to reveal the micro-structure of a prototypical cylindrical iron material. While there already exist several methods on grain mapping with neutron imaging, Trindex provides a robust and relatively straightforward approach. Trindex is a pixel-by-pixel neutron time-of-flight reconstruction method which extracts the morphology of grains throughout the sample, in addition to their pseudo-orientations.

Experiments were performed at the SENJU beamline of the Japan Proton Acceleration Research Complex
(J-PARC). For the setup, an imaging detector was placed behind the sample with diffraction detectors simultaneously collecting the backscattering from the sample. Such diffraction will be used to confirm grain orientations. Details of the methodology and the resulting 3D grain maps of materials will be presented.

3D reconstruction of grain map from a prototypical Fe sample. Colours represent different grain orientations. Sample height of approx. 4 mm.

Primary authors

Dr TUNG, Patrick (University of New South Wales) Dr SAMOTHRAKITIS, Stavros (Nuclear Physics Institute) Dr LARSEN, Camilla (Nuclear Physics Institute) Dr ELEWA, Nancy (Nuclear Physics Institute) Dr KIYANAGI, Ryoji (JPARC) Dr SHINOHARA, Takenao (JPARC) Dr TREMSIN, Anton (University of Califorina at Berkeley) Dr KUHN, Luise Theil (Danish Technical University) Dr WORACEK, Robin (ESS ERIC) Prof. STROBL, Markus (PSI) Prof. SITTNER, Petr (Institute of Physics) Dr SCHMIDT, Soren (ESS ERIC)

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